:24: Come on Down!

“…You’re the next contestant on the Price is Right!”

Those are the words that every American would just love to hear one day. Being high-fived by complete strangers as everyone is screaming and clapping all around you must be the experience of a lifetime.

But what really interests me about The Price is Right is how freakin’ brilliant it is. Ever wonder where CBS gets all of these fabulous prizes? Well, they actually get them for free. That’s right, companies send CBS their products absolutely free of charge just so they can be featured on TV and in front of a live studio audience. In other words, it is an hour-long advertisement sponsored by occasional advertising breaks.

That is precisely the reason why The Price is Right is able to give away such awesome prizes and hang around for such a long time. People love winning prizes and are pretty bad at guessing the retail price of everyday goods.

Although there have been a couple big winners in the shows history. According to The Price is Right  wikipedia entry, in 2006 “Vickyann Sadowski won a Dodge Caravan playing Push Over and $1,000 in cash in the second Showcase Showdown. She also won both showcases, which included a Dodge Viper in her showcase and a Saturn Sky Roadster in her opponent’s, bringing her total winnings for the episode to $147,517, making her the largest single-episode winner in the history of American network daytime game shows.”

Of course, the greatest moments in the show come from absolute luck:



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