:23: It’s Time for Dodger Baseball

Sports announcers like the famous Vin Scully do not come around very often, which is an absolute shame because Scully is one of the best in the business.











I would agree with most people in that watching baseball can be a bit boring, but my view completely changes when watching a Dodger game and listening to Vin Scully. This is because he does his research and is able to tell stories in fascinating ways. Scully will have information about the Dodgers as well as about each player of the opposing team, used only when that player makes an appearance in a 3- or 4-game series.

Scully has been with the Dodgers organization even before they moved to Los Angeles in 1958. Even after he announced that he would retire in 2009, he came back in 2010, in 2011 and will be returning for his 63rd season this year. Indeed, the day Vin Scully retires for good will be a sad day in Dodgertown, but since he is 84, I’m sure baseball fans everywhere will understand.

I am eternally grateful for having grown up in at least part of the Vin Scully era. He has been an incredible influence on me in my childhood as well as today as I continue to study journalism.


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