:20: The Ins and Outs of Success

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, I have always known that In N Out burgers were amazing, but I never knew how famous they were until I went to college just one state over at the University of Oregon.

Everyone knows about how wonderful In N Out burgers are and about half the people I talk to ask about it or comment on how jealous they are of me for growing up with them.

“Is there really a secret menu?” / “How often do you get In N Out when you’re home?” / “What do you usually order?”

Yes, there is a secret menu and it is awesome. I get In N Out about 3 or 4 times a week when I’m home, possibly even more. And when I order, I get the same basic thing: a double double animal style with no lettuce or tomato plus at least one side of fries and if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll get a half-chocolate half-vanilla shake, too.

I think what makes In N Out so great is their quality of service. While other fast food restaurants were trying to make the most food with as little money as possible, In N Out was focused on making burgers with the best ingredients while treating both its customers and employees with the highest respect.

And that is why they have been so successful. That is why people from all around the country ask Californians about the best burgers in the world.


2 Responses to :20: The Ins and Outs of Success

  1. DeNitto says:

    Five Guys’ burgers AND fries are arguably better in quality while being comparable in price. The employees at In N Out are generally amazing, though, and it’s going to be interesting to see if Five Guys can remain awesome as they go on a franchise frenzy. In N Out still has the most reputable name in all of Burgerdom, and I doubt that will ever change. Five Guys brings the heat, but they don’t have the mistique. Kudos to In N Out for keeping their product consistent and special by limiting expansion in the manner they have. Five Guys: if you belong to everyone, you belong to no one.

    • ajsietsema says:

      When I went back home, Five Guys opened up right across the street from my usual In N Out, a pretty bold move. In N Out is so historic, though, that it took me 3 trips there to even notice that Five Guys was there.

      I’ll agree that Five Guys is arguably better in quality, but I wouldn’t say they come close in price. I can get my double double animal style w/ fries for about 5 bucks. I’ve only been to Five Guys a few times, but i recall paying more than that

      Plus, while Five Guys is serves a great burger, they are moving across the country pretty fast. If they had stayed on the east coast, they could have become just has popular as In N Out and could have created the same type of tourist attraction. Then we’d have an epic east vs. west, In N Out vs. Five Guys quality burger cook off, which would have been pretty cool.

      Either way, I’d say having two awesome burger restaurants competing against each other is a good problem to have.

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