:12: Ads for Small Tech Schools

If you’ve ever been home watching TV on a weekday, I’m sure you have seen an ad for a small tech school in your area. In the LA area, I frequently saw ads for ITT Technical Institute, a small tech school with a pretty basic advertising strategy. Here is a typical ad from ITT Tech:


The story this ad is telling is certainly uplifting and gives the viewer a real call to action. While it never appealed to me, this ad sells its product well and definitely delivered promising results.

However, I recently came across an ad for the Central Institute of Technology, a tech school in Australia that is apparently willing to do anything to stand out against the competition.


I have to say that was a hilarious video. The fact that they are using this ad to represent themselves is an incredibly bold move that will prove to be successful. This ad tells me that the Central Institute of Technology is not like the other boring small tech schools. They understand young people and are willing to do anything if it means they’ll be creating good work.


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