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Back in September of 2011, Comedy Central televised the roast of the infamous Hollywood star Charlie Sheen. In case you don’t remember, Charlie had been all over the news regarding his unique lifestyle of drugs, prostitutes and tiger’s blood. Since there weren’t any restrictions set by Charlie, his roast was absolutely brutal.

But after some research, I found this wasn’t the most damaging roast to have been delivered by Comedy Central. That honor, instead, goes to Cornelius Crane “Chevy” Chase (or C4 as I like to call him). C4 was actually roasted twice, once in 1990 and again in 2002. Of course, the second one hurt the most, otherwise he wouldn’t have been willing to do another. The roast was considered so mean, in fact, that it was never aired again. Luckily for us there’s YouTube.

One of the comics roasting C4 was Stephen Colbert, then part of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I didn’t feel Colbert was that harsh on Chevy, but go ahead and see for yourself:


Meanwhile, here is C4’s response to his roast. Notice how uncomfortable the poor guy is.


The part that stings for Chevy wasn’t necessarily the jokes about his career or drug abuse, but rather that such words came from what he considered “B-list” celebrities. As he says in his final words, “…traditionally, this is the point when the ‘roastee’ has a chance to get even with all the other comedians…but there just f***kin’ aren’t any.”

Very much unlike his 1990 roast, here Chevy was verbally attacked by people he had never even met, let alone considered friends; something I doubt he was ready for.

Now C4 is featured in one of my favorite shows, Community, where he plays a loony, rich old man trying to fit in with the other loony students of Glendale Community College. He may not be the star, but he does provide some hilarious moments that could only be done by him. This video has some of my favorite scenes with Chevy.



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